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Treatment Resistant Depression


What is treatment resistant depression?

If you’ve tried at least two different antidepressants and your depression symptoms have not improved, you may have treatment-resistant depression. Treatment-resistant depression is also called TRD. [source: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/da.22968]

What treatments are available?

There are many FDA approved treatments for TRD, including medications, nasal sprays, and medical devices. Some commonly referenced treatments for TRD include esketamine (also called Spravato) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). To learn more about this type of treatment, please visit the Spravato web page for additional information.

Where can I learn more or get help for TRD?

Reach out to us and meet with one of our expert clinicians. We will work with you to understand your diagnosis and review treatment which might be appropriate for you.


Carolina Behavioral Care has active TDR clinics at the Durham and Pinehurst sites. Referral for TDR will need to be coordinated with the patient’s primary provider of psychiatric medications.  We encourage referrals from outside providers and welcome the opportunity to assist in the care of their patients.  We will provide a consultative and treatment service, with the plan to send treated patients back to their primary psychiatric provider. If patients do not currently have a clinician to prescribe their mental health medications, they can self-refer to CBC for one and then be referred on for TDR. Person Going to Therapy
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Dr. David Cowherd, MD, FACC - Pinehurst Medical Clinic

Carolina Behavioral Care has been my number one choice for my psychiatric referrals for the past 20 years. Their level of professionalism is unsurpassed and I have never been disappointed.

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